Since Hart had been released on parole for the prior rape and kidnapping charges and then he committed these four burglaries while still on parole, the Tulsa courts gave him long sentences in prison which were to run
consecutively. The individual sentences were on average approximately 90 years each.  Hart was facing about 350 + years of prison time.

Hart was returned to the Mayes County Jail for a relief hearing in Mayes County Court. Hart escaped from jail but he was quickly apprehended by local law enforcement.  He was sent back to the Mayes County jail where he
simply escaped again.  Hart stayed on the lam until after the Girl Scout Murders and he was not in custody again until he was arrested by OSBI agents in southeastern Cherokee County as not only an escaped convict, but also as the only suspect in the murders of Doris Milner, Lori Farmer and Michelle Guse.
A few months after Gene Hart's release from prison on rape and kidnapping charges, Hart had a one week long career as a burglar.  It is difficult to follow these crimes because as the first three robberies occurred, they were not reported to the police and therefore not printed in the Tulsa World or Tribune. 
No one knew that in the next decade Gene Hart would be thrust into the national spotlight and that his past would be an issue with observers of his manhunt and trial.

After searching the archives of the Tulsa World Newspaper for the days in question, it was really only when Gene Hart attempted a home robbery of a woman who was a Tulsa Police Officer and was arrested that his burglaries were made known in the newspaper.  The robbery of Officer Heather Campbell, TPD, did get at least a brief mention in the Tulsa paper.

Hart was eventually convicted on 4 counts of burglary.  All four of his burglaries were carried out while the homeowners were at home and asleep.  As one OSBI agent put it, "That sounds more like the M.O. of a rapist than of a burglar."
June 1st, 1969 - Breaks into the residence of Ronnie and Susan Furrh while they were sleeping.  The break in occcurred in the early morning hours of June 1st.  Hart removed the window screen, forced open the window and climbed into the occupied apartment without awakening the Fuhrrs.  Taken from the apartment were a purse with personal papers and a checkbook inside.  The Furrhs did not report the burglary to the police.

June 1st, 1969 (later that same morning) - after the Furrh residence break in Hart tried to break into the apartment of Eugene Latham.  The door to the apartment had been left unlocked.  Hart entered the apartment taking a billfold. Mr. Latham did not report the theft because he thought he may have simply misplaced his wallet and did not suspect it to be stolen.

June 2nd, 1969 - Gene Hart entered the apartment of Steven Stewart, also through an unlocked door.  Hart stole a white handled paring knife as well as Stewart's billfold.  Stewart's billfold was taken from a night-stand only six inches from Stewart's head.

June 7th, 1969 - Hart breaks into the apartment of Tulsa Police Office Heather Campbell.  Campbell had just finished her shift at 2 AM and was still half awake when she heard someone working the lock on the apartment.  She then saw a hand and arm coming into the room past the door and it was moving towards her purse.  She took her pistol from the night-stand and ordered the person to stop but they continued moving towards her purse.  She pulled back the hammer on the revolver and that sound caused Hart to pull back and leave the residence.  Campbell called the police department.  Two officers quickly arrived and as they began discussing what had happened they heard the sound of another door knob being jiggled up on the second floor of the complex.  Hart was arrested with offering no resistance to the two officers.  His car was searched later and in the trunk was found Susan Furrh's white straw purse.  Inside her purse were Latham and Stewart's billfolds.

September 25th, 1969 - convicted of Campbell burglary
October 21st, 1969 - convicted of Stewart burglary
December 9th, 1969 - convicted of Latham burglary
January 20th, 1970 - convicted of the Furrh burglary
Hart's Burglaries