This is not where hints of supernatural involvement begin but it is the point where people who are unassociated with
the case, the security guards, are
presented with such a scenario.

After having seen what they thought was the sillouhette of a man out in the woods they went to investigate. 

As they returned they found in a sealed
plastic bag a pair of shoes with the name
"Doris Milner" written inside of them.  Also in the bag was a pair of pink socks.  Both items were wet and the bag was not an OSBI evidence bag.  The stairs were ones that the security team frequently used so the bag was placed on the steps in the hour that the guards were out investigating what they saw in the woods.

The tracking dogs have been called in at other times when the guards believed they had seen a man in the woods lurking around the camp.  The dogs would find the scent, take off running, and would usually end up in a field outside Camp Scott but near the Kiowa Unit.

The dogs on more than one occassion would simply lose the scent, start turning in circles looking upward as if the scent, or the person they were chasing, had simply ascended upwards and disappeared.

The security team began tying thin threads between trees where they would see man walking in the woods and the next day those threads would be broken.
The Reappearing Shoes
Back stairs of the
Great Hall where security
guards found Denise Milner's shoes.