* This announcement by the OSBI on July 6th, 1977 is the reason why The Cherokee Advocate titled Hart's final interview "Gene Leroy Hart: The Case of the Vanishing Fingerprints"
Remembering that Hart had tried on the eyeglasses of the two Tulsa women he raped in 1966 and remembering that eyeglasses were stolen and some discarded from the tents in the Kiowa Unit, it was noticed by all of the arresting officers that Hart was wearing women's eyeglasses. 
A somewhat controversial photo taken immediately after the arrest of Hart.  Controversy arose questioning the professionalism of the State Agents becaause they took photos of themselves with the accused murderer.  Lela Ramsey, a member of the jury at Hart's trial has said that the suspect was posed with the agents,  "like they had bagged a big game".
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Timeline - Part 3